Who? 9th-12th grade students and adult chaperones.

What? 6 nights in Pittsburgh with an opportunity to do children’s ministry, light construction, and other ministry opportunities. We will be going through an organization called Praying Pelican Missions (www.prayingpelicanmissions.org). 

When? July 29th-August 4th, 2017

Cost: $650 per student/adult, but our church has graciously chosen to scholarship half of the cost bringing the total cost per participant to $325!

How do I apply to go? Click here.

How do I pay my deposit? Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will we be sleeping?

We will be staying in a school or community center that has showers and bathrooms. We will be bringing cots or air mattresses to sleep on, along with linens. Please know that if anyone is traveling with their spouse, couples will be divided into gender specific rooms.


What will we be eating?

We strive to provide a wide variety of options that will nourish and sustain all participants, which includes both catered and prepared food. All of your food and water is provided as a part of your trip. For any allergies/special dietary needs, participants should list it on their medical form and we will have the cooks prepare an alternative meal.

What kind of transportation will we have?

You will be traveling in vans to ministry sites, church, and recreational activities. We will also do a fair amount of walking throughout the trip, so make sure you bring good walking shoes. The Praying Pelican Missions staff will have a smaller vehicle throughout the week to transport some ministry materials and to use in case of emergencies.


Is it safe?

On all Praying Pelican Mission trips, safety is their first priority. Training is provided upon arrival on how sudents should conduct themselves while on the trip. We will know where hospitals or clinics are near each ministry site. We will provide safe meals, snacks, and plenty of water to all trip participants. If anyone from your group will need electricity or refrigeration for any medications or health-related apparatuses, please inform Bart in advance.


Will there be fundraisers?

Our church will be providing for a lot of the cost of this trip in scholarship money to each participant, therefore we will not be doing any fundraisers organized through the church (because many in the church have already given in the form of this scholarship).