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7th Grade

Jesus and Stuff will help you teach your students that it’s impossible to both love their stuff and truly love God; that if their love for their stuff comes between their devotion to God, they’re doing it all wrong; that no matter how much stuff they have, it doesn’t add any real meaning to their life; and that they have to learn to see their stuff as God’s to be used as He sees fit. 

5/14  Lesson 1  Activity

5/21  Lesson 2  Activity

5/28  Lesson 3

6/4  Lesson 4

8th Grade

At the center of every teenager’s life is the idea of relationships. The relationships they have with their friends dominate their daily landscape. The relationship they have with parents and siblings flavor every aspect of their personality and character. 

And relationships with other significant adults, such as coaches and teachers, impact their day-to-day wellbeing. Relationships are a vital part of what being a teenager is all about. Good thing Jesus had plenty to say about the subject.

Jesus and Relationships will help you teach your students that understanding and grace are keys to Christ-centered relationships; that there is no room for anger or hostility in Christ- centered relationships; that Jesus laid out the right way to deal with conflict in a relationship; and that their relationship with Jesus must be the number one relationship in their lives.

4/30 Lesson 1

5/7 Lesson 2

5/14 Lesson 3

5/21 Lesson 4 Activity